As the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, I welcome you to 6th Annual Asia Pacific Conference on Early Mobilization and Rehabilitation in ICU.

As the number of patients surviving the ordeal of ICU stay continues to grow, more and more attention is given to the quality of life during period after ICU care. It is well recognized that many ICU survivors suffer from physical and cognitive dysfunction and/or psychological problems which we now collectively refer to as post-ICU care syndrome. One of proven interventions to decrease the incidence of this debilitative condition is early mobilization and rehabilitation for patients while the patients are still in the ICU. This intervention is very important because to be able to perform it, your ICU team must be able to provide optimal supportive care including other components of the ABCDEF bundle.

In this conference we will have lectures on many interesting and cutting edge subjects relating to ICU rehabilitation given by world renowned experts form the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. I hope you use the knowledge gained from this conference translate it to better care for the patients in the ICU that you’re currently working in.

This is the 6th time this conference will be held in Asia. Originally slated to be held in September of last year, unforeseen circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to delay the conference to June of 2021. I hope the conference is worth the wait and hope to see albeit via internet on June of 2021.

Gee Young Suh, MD, PhD

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 6th Annual Asia Pacific Conference on Early Mobilizaiton and Rehabilitation in ICU